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Apple Mac Repairs

Mac Repair and Upgrade Specialists

Adelong Electronics has been a trusted repair to the Sydney since 1992.

Drop in to our centrally located store directly behind the Queen Victoria Building (next to Town Hall) - No appointment necessary.

We are able to assist with your Apple Mac repairs, models we can service include:

  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook
  • Macbook Air
  • iMac
  • Mac Mini

Time for an Upgrade?

Just because your Mac is running slow doesn't mean you have to get a new one, often a simple upgrade can have it as good as when you first bought it. Sometime even better.

Some common complaints include:

My Apple is running slow since I upgraded to macOS Sierra

This can be easily fixed by upgrading the memory

My Mac takes a long time to boot up

As your computer gets more processes running it will take longer to boot up, this can also be caused by faults in the disk.The best solution to this is to upgrade to a Solid State Drive(SSD) which, when configured correctly can boot to the log in screen in around 5 seconds.

My Macbook Pro is running fine but I could really use some more storage.

If your Macbook Pro has an optical drive you don't use we can replace this with a second hard drive. This can be a super quick solid state drive (SSD) or a high capacity hard drive. The choice is yours.

For all of your Mac repairs in Sydney Adelong is the answer.

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