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Fuse M205 500mA 5x20mm Slow Blow Fuse

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[ PSKAV152]


Quick Overview

Fuse M205 500mA 5x20mm Slow Blow Fuse


A fuse is a protective device for safeguarding electric circuits, containing a wire that melts and breaks the circuit when the current exceeds a certain value

  Current rating   500mA
  Voltage Rating   250V
  Type   Slow Blow
  Size   M205
  Construction   Glass
  Diameter   5mm
  Length   20mm

Fuses are often characterized as "fast-blow" or "slow-blow" or "time-delay", according to the time they take to respond to an overcurrent condition. The selection of the characteristic depends on what equipment is being protected. Semiconductor and electronic devices may need a fast fuse for protection since semiconductors may have little capacity to withstand even a momentary overload. Fuses applied on motor circuits may have a time-delay characteristic, since the surge of current required at motor start soon decreases and is harmless to wiring and the motor. Slow blow or time delay fuses are also common in circuits with an inrush current such as Flouro lights, Speaker amplifiers (for bass note transients) etc.

Fuses that are slow blow or time delay usually have the letter "T" near the rating (stands for "Time Delay")

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Manufacturer Kaver

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