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Axim MR-108N 3G Router Wireless (270 Mbps) - Limited Stock!

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Quick Overview

Axim MR-108N 3G Router Wireless (270 Mbps) - Limited Stock!


AXIMCom’s MR-108N, 3G/3.5G Bandwidth Management Router, is designed for network heavy users, renters, mobile offices, outdoor hotspots, and anyone using 3G/3.5G/3.75G as a replacement for a fixed line connection. By simply connecting a 3G/3.5G/3.75G modem, you can create a mobile broadband anytime anywhere for a group of users and devices to share. Since the mobile broadband is shared, the ‘cost per user/device’ is then consequently reduced. AXIMCom’s MR-108N also supports 802.11n technology, so you can enjoy the fastest and farthest wireless coverage! Furthermore, MR-108N is equipped with additional functions/capabilities such as iDBM (Intelligent Bandwidth Management), TurboNAT, and MRTG functionalities, providing smooth/efficient bandwidth sharing and ease of network management


True Mobile Broadband Sharing (Support 3G/3.5G/3.75G + 802.11n + xDSL/cable modem)

AXIMCom’s MR-108N supports multiple broadband technologies, including 3G/3.5G/3.75G, 802.11n and xDSL/cable modem. You can create a mobile broadband using a 3G/3.5G/3.75G modem or switch to fixed line connection using an xDSL/cable modem. It also supports the latest 802.11n technology, offering a true mobile broadband sharing solution!


Complete 3G/3.5G/3.75G Modem Support

AXIMCom’s MR-108N provides complete support for all major 3G/3.5G/3.75G USB modems. Simply use your existing 3G/ 3.5G/3.75G modem and service provider to create a mobile broadband sharing environment. (Please find the latest 3G/3.5G/3.75G USB modem compatibility list from )


Energy Saving

With the low power consuming SOC chip adopted, AXIMCom’s MR-108N provides a lower power consumption ability which saves not only energy, but also our environments


Session Manager

AXIMCom’s MR-108N supports 15000 fast recycling sessions in order to guarantee a stable network connection and to accommodate more users/applications in the network.


3G/3.5G/3 .75G Signal Strength Display

With the availability of a Signal Strength Display provided on the easy-to-use and detailed Graphic User Interface much like the one seen on your mobile phone, AXIMCom’s MR-108N provides users with extreme convenience in finding the location which provides the best reception for your 3G/3.5G/3.75G internet connection


3G/3.5G/3.75G APN and PIN Code Support

AXIMCom’s MR-108N supports 3G/3.5G/3.75G APN and PIN code in order to prevent unauthorized access to your Mobile Router and increase the security levels of your mobile broadband.


Universal Repeater

With the use of the University Repeater function, AXIMCom’s MR-108N can enlarge your wireless coverage and eliminate dead spots in just a few steps. Hence, this allows users to be free from the hassles of the extremely complicated WDS settings. (Note: you need at least 2 units to use this function.)



Embedded with the TurboNAT Engine, AXIMCom’s MR-108N is able to increase NAT throughput to 95Mbps and achieve 225% the performance of traditional NAT.


MRTG Monitoring

Providing Throughput and Session MRTG graphs within the Graphic User Interface, MR-108N allows users to monitor bandwidth usage without difficulty and manage the network with total convenience and ease.


iDBM - Intelligent Bandwidth Management

  • Monitor
    • On-the-fly upload/download monitoring 
  • Prioritize3
    • Real-time traffic prioritization (gaming, VoIP, streaming, web surfing…) 
  • Allocate
    • Profile-based dynamic bandwidth allocation (P2P, gaming, VoIP…)

Enabled with AXIMCom’s patent-pending iDBM technology, AXIMCom’s MR-108N is able to automatically monitor your bandwidth usage, prioritize traffic, and allocates bandwidth to all applications and users. At the same time, it also is able to provide users with the freedom to customize their bandwidth allocation to meet their desired special requirements. In short, iDBM is able to grant a smooth and efficient network sharing system no matter the circumstances or usage scenario


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